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Random Lunacy - 
					the film about the Floating NeutrinosFloating Neutrinos

Alan was in contact with the Flying/Floating Neutrinos when compiling the book, Another kind of space, which featured creative ecological living spaces from around the world. Poppa Neutrino, Captain Betsy and friends just happened to build rafts and live on them through all manner of adventures.

A few of their tales are recounted here in Alan's book with Graham Meltzer

New at EnablerMinding the Past

Minding the Past

of people, boats, buses, coaches and lorries in Eyemouth, Musselburgh and Edinburgh


A wonderful collection of Walter Hay's paintings in vibrant full colour. 96 pages.

Walter Hay's paintings, drawings and writings are evocative of a by-gone age. A slower time. A time when the motor boat was finally replacing sail, and the fishing still promised a hard but prosperous way of life for many local people. read more...

Travelling Daze - Words and images from the UK's new Travellers and festivals, late 1960s to the here and now

Travelling Daze

Words and images from the UK's new Travellers and festivals, late 1960s to the here and now


A real 'wow, amazing' kind of book. A4 landscape, full colour, around 200 pages packed with over 600 pics, artwork, images and hundreds of tales from the festivals, park-ups, roadsides, sites and conflicts with police.

It's a full-on roller-coaster ride. Good times, bad times and ones in between. Even the contributors are saying: "Can't wait to see it all."
Joe Public
: "It's wicked. It's a corker."

Years in the living. Now you can share it; in Living Technicolour, the lives and times of many of the UK's most colourful characters. read more...

‘Round Eyemouth - 
					A guide for visitors and locals ‘Round Eyemouth
A guide for visitors and locals

Crammed with maps, photos and info about the town of Eyemouth and the surrounding area. It covers both well-known and lesser visited attractions throughout Berwickshire and North Northumberland as well as extensive coverage of the Berwickshire coastal path from Berwick to Dowlaw and Fast Castle. read more...