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Alternative Australia Alternative Australia

Escape from 'normality' in the weird and wonderful company of the many contributors to this extraordinary book.

This is no normal history or travel book - enter in, the show is about to begin!

Another kind of space Another kind of space

A glimpse at the realities of environmentalism and the eco-dwellings that can become extensions of ourselves and our lifestyles.

A Time to Travel? A Time to Travel?

Written, illustrated and produced by Travellers themselves. It offers a fascinating series of insights into the day-to-day life of the people known by the media as the 'new age travellers'.

Creative outdoor work with young people Creative outdoor work with young people

95 successfully tried and tested activities and games covering everything from finding the way through to camp activities, planning and safety and creative use of the environment.

Effective use of teambuilding in social welfare organisations Effective use of teambuilding in social welfare organisations

Examples and anecdotes from a wide variety of practice fields illustrate how teambuilding can be used or abused, and how team members can build on strengths while also spotting signs of trouble.

Making a Difference Making a Difference

There are ideas, guidance and examples in this book that will guide, encourage and provoke.

No Boundaries No Boundaries

A wonderful evocation of personal struggles for the freedom to travel and to live non-stereotypical lives!

Personal accounts about travelling in France, Spain, Romania, Goa, Germany, Greece, South Africa and more.

Organising successful learning events Organising successful learning events

A guide to planning and running conferences, seminars and workshops for anyone involved facilitating training in the people-services.

‘Round Eyemouth - A guide for visitors and locals ‘Round Eyemouth
A guide for visitors and locals

Crammed with maps, photos and info about the town of Eyemouth and the surrounding area. It covers both well-known and lesser visited attractions throughout Berwickshire and North Northumberland as well as extensive coverage of the coast path from Berwick to Dowlaw and Fast Castle.

Supporting safer communities Supporting safer communities

Fifteen thought-provoking chapters address the themes of 'disorder and regeneration', the 'policing of crime and disorder', 'service provider approaches to safe communities' and 'social inclusion and community safety.'

The Battle of the Beanfield The Battle of the Beanfield

On June 1st 1985, a convoy of over 500 new travellers, peace protestors, green activists and festival-goers set off from Savernake Forest in Wiltshire to establish the 12th annual free festival at Stonehenge -

They never reached their destination.

The Friendly Invasion The Friendly Invasion- as the US GIs trained for D-Day

This is a novel which opens in the autumn of 1943. Hitler's invasion hasn't happened and the tide of the war is gradually turning against Germany. Most able-bodied men are away at war and in the south of England the women and older men are about to experience an abrupt interruption to their way of life.

The new youth arts and crafts book The new youth arts and crafts book

Hands on! Practical! Lively! Fun! Packed brimful with a diverse range of arts and crafts activities to use with young people.

The new youth games book The new youth games book

With more than 200 games, this book has sold about 50,000 copies and is the best selling book on informal work with young people in the UK.

The practical guide to social welfare research The practical guide to social welfare research

Offering practical advice, worked examples and clearly structured information on the entire research process. Hopefully this book will improve your ability to both undertake and evaluate the worth of research in whatever area of social research you are involved with.

The Sigil The Sigil
a novel for the New Age

Jenn is a young woman living in London. On an impulse, she and her boyfriend go on a hitching holiday. It is a story of Jenn trying to come to terms with being single, twenty-something, and still keen to experience a contradictory cocktail of stimulants: cannabis, astral dreaming and achieving a running high, to name but three!

The Youth Africa Music Experience The Youth Africa Music Experience

This book and accompanying CD are for anyone who works with, or wants to work with, young people. Denis Kigongo, a practising musician, youth worker and teacher, from Uganda, together with Alan offer different ideas for a range of ways to engage young people with African music.

Travelling DazeTravelling Daze

The UK's new Travellers and festivals, late 1960s to the here and now.

A real 'wow, amazing' kind of book. A4 landscape, full colour, around 200 pages packed with over 600 pics, artwork, images and hundreds of tales from the festivals, park-ups, roadsides, sites and conflicts with police.

Which Witch and the Bog Monsters Which Witch and the Bog Monsters


A children's book for reading by, or to, 6 to 9 year olds.

The 'hit' of many Traveller kids' events including the Green Field at Glastonbury Festival.

World youth games World youth games

A 'must have' practical book for anyone wanting to work creatively with young people

Over 200 games and sequences.

Youth action and the environment Youth action and the environment

Brings environmental issues alive for anyone who works with young people. It tackles the difficult and controversial issues. Should work with young people stick to safe environmental areas such as recycling and tree planting, or can empowerment embrace the DIY culture of the road and tree protestors?

Youth Africa Experience Youth Africa Experience

Alan with Denis from Uganda, provide a collection of games and activities as a means of injecting some examples of the 'beauty and diversity' of African culture into a positive agenda for youth work and multi-cultural education in the UK and beyond.

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