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Alternative Australia Alternative Australia

Escape from 'normality' in the weird and wonderful company of the many contributors to this extraordinary book.

This is no normal history or travel book - enter in, the show is about to begin!

Another kind of space Another kind of space

A glimpse at the realities of environmentalism and the eco-dwellings that can become extensions of ourselves and our lifestyles.

A Time to Travel? A Time to Travel?

Written, illustrated and produced by Travellers themselves. It offers a fascinating series of insights into the day-to-day life of the people known by the media as the 'new age travellers'.

No Boundaries No Boundaries

A wonderful evocation of personal struggles for the freedom to travel and to live non-stereotypical lives!

Personal accounts about travelling in France, Spain, Romania, Goa, Germany, Greece, South Africa and more.

The Battle of the Beanfield The Battle of the Beanfield

On June 1st 1985, a convoy of over 500 new travellers, peace protestors, green activists and festival-goers set off from Savernake Forest in Wiltshire to establish the 12th annual free festival at Stonehenge -

They never reached their destination.

Travelling DazeTravelling Daze

The UK's new Travellers and festivals, late 1960s to the here and now.

A real 'wow, amazing' kind of book. A4 landscape, full colour, around 200 pages packed with over 600 pics, artwork, images and hundreds of tales from the festivals, park-ups, roadsides, sites and conflicts with police.

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