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Down but not quite out around Teignmouth

Alan first came to Teignmouth on a family holiday. The town reminded him of a wild west ghost town in the middle of Siberian winter. Obviously the stuff of dreams. So in 2003 he bought an old Victorian terrace house here in South Devon and has nearly finished its renovation. Or, it nearly finished him! Alan left Teignmouth in October 2007 and moved back to his old stomping ground of Eyemouth in the Scottish borders.teignmouth bay

Teignmouth (pronounced, curiously Tin-mouth) is a bustling port and nestles in the sprawling hills and rocky coastline. Its small town is full of character and characters. The beach areas – main beach and back beach – are pretty well looked after and are attractive to locals and visitors alike. But much of the rest of the town is suffering a bit from street litter, graffiti, and like many places, from too many mindless acts of vandalism.cider drinking

But looking on the bright side, it has some lovely countryside including Dartmoor national park in easy reach and pretty good public transport links.More cider drinking







When not writing, researching and editing, Alan enjoys some cross country running and the coast paths and inland hills offer a challenging variety of terrains. All seem to be more or less vertically up, or down. So, you could say Alan is often ‘vertically challenged’ even without his daily intake of scrumpy cider, which helps him end the day in traditional west country style! book launch

He’s also been taking quite a few photos of the local places and faces and a few are included here.guitar playing

At the local book launch for
Battle of the Beanfield

teignmouth gnomes teingmouth ball game

teignmouth at dusk