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A Time to Travel?

An Introduction to Britain's newer Travellers

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A Time to Travel?

This book has been written, illustrated and produced by Travellers themselves. It offers a fascinating series of insights into the day-to-day life of the people known by the media as the 'new age travellers'.

The realities and problems facing Travellers are discussed in candid detail:

  • "Who lives on the road?"
  • "Why do they want to live in this way?"
  • "How do they spend their time?"
  • "How do they get water, education services for their children, health services?"
  • "How do they deal with the law?"


" This is essentially the definitive book on Travellers. Let's hope it doesn't become a history book "

The Levellers

The book presents a not entirely unbiased account of the Travellers’ lifestyles, beliefs, history and possible futures.

Constantly challenged by changing legislation, representatives of authorities, media coverage and moral panic, Britain's newer Travellers really do 'live on the edge' in their benders, tipis, buses and vans.

This sold out book is now available to order as an ebook. This is a 'graphical' ebook in pdf format made from high quality scans of the original book which preserves the many photographs and illustrations which are a vital part of this unique book. You can download a free sample from the actual ebook below, while the full ebook (75MB) can be supplied on a cd for £10 including postage.

Download a free sample section from the ebook:

Or, read an extract from Chapter Five of this book online:

A Time to Travel?A Time to Travel?

Fiona Earle, Alan Dearling, Helen Whittle, Roddy Glasse and Gubby

graphical ebook in pdf format supplied on cd

£10 incl. p&p

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