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Another kind of space: creating ecological dwellings and environments

Another kind of space

creating ecological dwellings and environments

Sample from this book: yaodong cave dwellings


Foreword...John Perry, Director of Policy at the Chartered Institute of Housing, UK

Part One

  • Kindred spirits and environmentalism...Graham Meltzer and Alan Dearling
  • The agony of the long distance environmentalist...Graham Meltzer and Alan Dearling
  • Integrating dwelling AND lifestyle WITH environmentalism...Alan Dearling with contributions from Graham Meltzer
  • Nomadic living: by tradition and by choice...Alan Dearling
  • Community participation and empowerment...Alan Dearling and Graham Meltzer
  • Technology of an appropriate kind and making ‘spaces’...Alan Dearling with contributions from Graham Meltzer

Part Two

Pioneers, innovators, artists and crafts people

  • Brithdir Mawr - the secret village in Wales...Alan Dearling
  • Autonomous living...Brenda and Robert Vale, in the UK and New Zealand
  • Euphoric at ‘Euphoria’ or, Who needs cows when you can have koalas?...Liz Hall-Downs and Kim Downs, Queensland, Australia
  • Living underground...Alan Dearling
  • A new generation of sustainable yaodong cave dwellings in China...Liu Jiaping, David Wang and Yang Liu
  • Willowater - Roger Dean’s Home for Life project in England...Alan Dearling
  • Putting heart back into our homes...Tom Bender, Minnesota, USA
  • Life in the Bat House... Alan Dearling, Cape Tribulation, Far North Queensland, Australia
  • Lanzarote: the home of César Manrique...Alan Dearling
  • The seeds of eco-tourism...Alan Dearling
  • So, now you own a rainforest? ...Alan Dearling, Eco-tourism in Kuranda, Queensland, Australia

Free spirits: Gypsies, Travellers and nomads

  • Back to the road...Jake Bowers-Burbridge, Sweden and England
  • Ger a life!...David Renwick Grant, Mongolia
  • Life in a truck...Julie Harvey, Wales and Holland
  • On the ‘Cut’: narrowboat living in England...Alan Dearling
  • Get on board the Narrenschip!...Alan Dearling, Belgium and the Netherlands
  • My home in two parts...Ezmerelda, UK, Europe and Thailand
  • Tribal Travellers...Alan Dearling, Spiral Tribe’s travelling sounds

Collectives: extended families, communities and tribes

  • Eco building for community development...Peter Cock and Bob Rich, Moora Moora, Victoria, Australia
  • Krakers, squatting and an arts community called Ruigoord...Alan Dearling with contributions from the Amsterdam Balloon Company, Antwan, Montje and others
  • N-Street Cohousing...Kevin Wolf, Davis, California
  • Becoming a communard: an interview with Graham Meltzer about Tuntable intentional community in New South Wales, Australia...Graham Meltzer with Alan Dearling
  • The Floating Neutrinos...Captain Betsy, New York City and the Atlantic
  • The Harmonic Healing Foundation in Spain...Alan Dearling with Laurence and Brigitte Burton
  • Living Small and in Community in Tasmania...Mary Jenkins, Cascade Cohousing, Hobart
  • Women’s Land Wales: sojourn in an eco-feminist utopia...Rachel Auckland
  • Living the cohousing lifestyle at Windsong...Gerry Kilganon, Langley, British Colombia, Canada

Not an ending, but a beginning...Alan Dearling

Other samples from Another kind of space:

Another kind of space: creating ecological dwellings and environments Another kind of space

Alan Dearling with Graham Meltzer

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