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Alternative NetherlandsTower in the Netherlands

In a number of the Enabler publications, alternative lifestyles and cultural diversity have been celebrated. Antwan van de Kerkhof and Alan have (sadly now for about four or five years) been planning a social his and her-story of the alternative Netherlands. It’s at an early stage but the aim as Alan describes it is:

Alan’s earliest visits to the Netherlands were in the late 1960s to the Paradiso and Milky Way in Amsterdam. The krakers were just starting their large scale squats of empty properties, arts labs were everywhere. I even saw the film Woodstock at a cinema and instead of ice-creams at the break, a range of drugs were on sale! On my way out I was caught up in a police water cannon attack on people around the Dam. Strange and confusing times. Since then I've been back a few times and I've sold a good number of books to people in the Netherlands. They like to read about themselves in English. Peculiarly perhaps, apart from a nice pictorial account of the ABC - Amsterdam Balloon Company - I don't think much of a 'his and her-story' of the alternative lifestyles and cultures has been assembled. I'm teaming up with Antwan who has been re-selling my books for a few years around the festival scenes around Europe and is a very active eco-protestor. I'd like to cover the squats, intentional communities and social housing experiments; music and arts; drugs; alto media; feminism; multi-culturalism; festivals and community arts spaces; protest; special 'spaces and places'; now and into the futures; useful contacts. And more...

It will be in English, but aimed for sale mainly in the Netherlands.

If you have any ideas or contacts, let me know: adearling@aol.com

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