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Alternative Australia:

celebrating cultural diversity

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Alternative Australia: celebrating cultural diversityEscape from 'normality' in the weird and wonderful company of the many contributors to this extraordinary book.

It’s a celebration of, and roller-coaster ride through, many parts of alternative Oz. These are the braves and the tribal elders of the intentional communities; the forest blockades and other protests; the performing arts scene, the festivals, and the forest, beach and desert doofs. These are people actively searching for space, identity, ritual - trying to make sense of the Australian, Aboriginal and global heritage.

Alternative Australia is a unique and colourful collection of people's stories and pictures as a celebration and critique of the alternative lifestyles and cultures which exist on the edges of mainstream Australia. It is a book of party and protest. It presents the blow-by-blow accounts of what it is actually like to live on the fringes. Ultimately, no reader will like or agree with all the contributors or contributions. But the 'cultural diversity' aspect is central to the whole book.

" The main purpose in Australia is to find our mystical space.
Daevid Allen

Many other themes interweave throughout: environmental concerns; celebration; ritual; indigenous people and tribal customs; protest; arts and performance; human rights issues. The old adage, think global and act local, is also raised, if not spelled out in a number of the contributions.

Alan Dearling with Brendan Hanley


Alan Dearling, along with his co-pilot, Brendan Hanley (Mook Bahloo), introduce you to the ideas and lives of ferals, deep ecologists, communards, shamen, modern prophets of Gaia and more. Together it presents a dazzling tapestry of life and energy of people living at the margins of Australian society. Some work in universities, some are full time artists, some have 'gone wild', taken on the tribal mantle in their search to establish sustainable communities and lifestyles. Contributors include: Daevid Allen; Peter Cock; Orryelle Defenestrate; Liz Hall-Downs; Bill Metcalf; Janice Newton; John Seed and Benny Zable.


Brendan Hanley (Mook Bahloo) is a well known musician and writer based in the New South Wales Rainbow Region community. His songs include Marijuana Australiana and Mangoes in the Moonlight. He still lives there with his partner, Shanto.

The book, which has taken nearly two years to put together, also tells the story of Alan's personal quest, travelling around Australia both for real and on the Internet.

This is no normal history or travel book - enter in, the show is about to begin!

"...crammed full of tribal wisdom, feral attitude and hippy shit..."

Read samples from this book:

Alternative AustraliaAlternative Australia

Alan Dearling with Brendan Hanley (Mook Bahloo)

ISBN 09523316 4 0

256 pps, 220 x 200 mm, paperback (landscape)

Full colour cover, with over 200 black and white photos and line drawings

£13.99 + £2.50 p&p

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