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Alternative Australia cover

Alternative Australia

Sample from this book:

Blue man in Australia

The ordinary australian

Daevid Allen

oh lawd save me
please save me lawd
it's sunday
it's 1999

save me from the ordinary australian

i don't see too many round here thank god
i thought i saw a couple in woolworths once
sometimes you see em on tv ads
there's a few up the road that try pretty hard
but not quite hard enough
do you mista tuckerbag?

i cant stand
ordinary australians

ordinary decent hardworking tax paying australians
honest decent red neck right wing money grovelling
earth flattening
sea poisoning
koorie hating
anti land rights
bigoted racist xenophobic
ordinary decent
hard working australians

ordinary decent hard working
culturally challenged
...can somebody
oil the rusty cringe?

doncha love em to death?
those ordinary decent
small time
insensitive. stupid. dim witted
arrogant. aggressive. lying bad tempered. shit centred
over paid. over fed. lazy spoilt brat
hard working tax paying australians
with their rational national excuses
for ripping the soul out of public rainforests
to make exquisite japanese wrapping paper
& then pocketing the yen snarling:
hands of my money
you thieving barstards
or i'll get you busted for smoking hope

oh baby
doncha love em wherever they are?
those ordinary decent hardworking battlers
mouths stuffed with
pavlovs pavlova
fingers stickin to the script of the hundredth monkey-sayin:
he'll be right &
no worries mate &
fuck you jack i'm ok

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Alternative AustraliaAlternative Australia

Alan Dearling with Brendan Hanley (Mook Bahloo)

ISBN 09523316 4 0.

256 pps, 220 x 200 mm, paperback (landscape)

Full colour cover, with over 200 black and white photos and line drawings

£13.99 + £2.50 p&p.

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