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Alternative Australia

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Rainbow Dreaming

Subject: Rave Olympics

Date: Tue, 20 June, 2011 17:43:34 +1000 (EST)

From: Rak Razam <shazaman@netspace.net.au>

To: It's a Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild World<W6W@piratenet.com>

We were about 50k's past Maree when we saw the first convoy of phreaks heading out to the Earthdream party, a motley, rainbow caravan of dust encrusted buses and camper vans, VW's and Bedfords, ferals, travellers and urban hedonists pirating the airwaves with digital mantras, blanketing the quiet earth along the Oodnadatta Track and generally funking shit up. The big vans and buses were crowned with giant inflatable objects like bananas and mangoes and blazoned with anti-uranium logos and activist stickers. We'd been getting reports on the CB radio for days, up and down the coast from every direction - these Psy-Trance Cowboys had been rustling the forgotten monuments of the 20th Century from quiet country towns and tying them to the rooves of their vehicles like scalps, plastic totems cannibalised from the Giant Ram, the Giant Koala, the Giant Pineapple, the Giant Homogenised Icons of White Middle Class Prosperity.

Alternative lifestyles in AustraliaNow here they were, all in a row like floats in a post-Apocalyptic pagan love parade, cruising through the desert at high speed and kicking up a storm. Yessir, they were riding their groove boxes onto the high frontier, layered in bass and in search of a WAY COOL PLACE where everybody can DO Their Own Thing.

"Fuck me gently with ze chainsaw," Bridges said from the back of the van as we were overtaken by a double decker schoolbus with an inflatable Godzilla on the roof and a gaggle of stoned Germans hanging out the windows waving. "Now there's something you don't see every day." She was right. I'd never seen Germans so friendly before. Something was definitely up. "See if you can get a shot of them on the handy-cam," I shouted over the rattle of the van as we went over a pothole and everything lurched up into the air. We had a cache of the latest Ultra-Tech in the back to film the party - and the Gamez - and provide a continuous internet uplink for the rest of the world. This was the thirteenth Earthdream Desert Dreaming Festival and the prelude to next year's global chakra cleansing ritual. Phine phreaks and klued in people of every shape and hue were gathering together, nomad tekno adventurers from all the 12 Trybes flowing into a rainbow mix snaking its way through the red earth. We'd bought the latest Mitsubishi micro-camera contact lenses but the dust and the bumps along the Oonandatta Track wouldn't let me use either. The idea was to provide digital downloads over sensechips to the viewers at home - you would see, hear, smell, touch, and taste whatever the live reporter is sensing. At the moment it was some A-grade skunk we'd picked up 800k's back in Adelaide and a mild case of sunstroke from the glareThe Mutoid in Australia.


"Got 'zem," Bridges pronounced in her singsong Israeli-American accent. "Lovely establishing shot with ze buses elongating across ze horizon at dusk." I suppose you want to know what she looks like. I would, and since we haven't got the equipment working properly yet, I'll have to describe everything for you.




My assistant, Bridges, is like somebody's sassy little sister gone the way of the urban disco feral. Enough piercings on her face to set off an airport metal detector. Dredds wax perfect, dyed blue and red and black. Big brown eyes layered in cheap Killer Loop imitation sunglasses. Handmade firestick and a bottle of Kerosene and Citronella by her side. Indian pants from Chakra or Ishkar. Black puffy jacket with a Chinese Dragon feng-shuing its way across the back. Dusty Monster Boots with six inch moulded plastic heels. She's also the best damn camera woman this side of the Nullarbor and can roll perfect joints while driving the van and mixing MP3's on the Diamondback decks at the same time. Not only that, but she's the only one who knows how to pilot the ultralight glider. I'm all legs when it comes to flying.

"Start narration, take one - Earthdream 2011." I'm recording on my built in throat mike that sends data pulses to our Apple Mac G12 laptop, auto remixes credits and soundtrack over the footage Bridges is shooting and transmits the final package via our satellite dish on the roof. We broadcast pirate transmissions into the world datasphere and get a nice little pay per view package from inphomation junkies all over the place.

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Alan Dearling with Brendan Hanley (Mook Bahloo)

ISBN 09523316 4 0.

256 pps, 220 x 200 mm, paperback (landscape)

Full colour cover, with over 200 black and white photos and line drawings

£13.99 + £2.50 p&p.

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