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Desert to Danube

Duncan Leitch Torrance
Desert to Danube

This is a remarkably different and individual kind of memoir of Army life between 1944 and 1948. It is different, because, as Duncan says in the book:

Much of it was typed in Benghazi (occupied Libya) on an old Italian Olivetti mechanical typewriter that was in the care of the CEP (the Custodian of Enemy Property).

Duncan's book provides a unique voice. You are alongside him, really living the life of the raw recruit in the aftermath of the Second World War. You feel the knocks and hardships of every 'scheme'(training exercise). You travel with him from his school in Nottingham through barracks training, officer training and selection. And then onto the rigours of travel in a troopship to the Middle East, serving principally in Libya and Egypt.

Suddenly, you are enveloped in the strange worlds of the desert, Bedouins, buckshees, the black market, the work of the Graves Commission, and the seemingly never-ending breakdowns, shortages of supplies, comradeship and the realities and humour of the British forces' life overseas. Duncan then takes us to Germany and the Allies' four war zones in that occupied country. More work – exhumations of bodies – very hands-on it is too – and building war cemeteries.

Duncan, from being an 18 year old raw recruit has become an officer. A man of wisdom, compassion and wit. A captain, and then, at just 21, a civilian once more.

This is a real tale of army life. Dive in and enjoy!

Desert to Danube Desert to Danube

Duncan Leitch Torrance

ISBN 978-0-9559355-2-7

168 pages including 30 photos and 3 maps

£8.95 plus £2 p&p

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