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The Friendly Invasion

- as the US GIs trained for D-Day
A drama-documentary - fact and fiction brought together
Alan Dearling
The Friendly Invasion

This is a novel which opens in the autumn of 1943. Hitler's invasion hasn't happened and the tide of the war is gradually turning against Germany. Most able-bodied men are away at war and in the south of England the women and older men are about to experience an abrupt interruption to their way of life.

Essentially the book tells a series of stories about the impact of the American GIs on the area, the local people, and their interactions. And at its heart, the attempts by the American military authorities to introduce US-style segregation into British villages and towns. One in ten of the American soldiers were black troops. Many of the others came from the US southern states where the Ku Klux Clan was still a powerful force. The results were often incendiary.

The Friendly Invasion It was a time when young people grew up quickly. The Home Front as much as the battlefields was a place of 'coming of age'. Evacuees and the GIs were all 'outsiders' in southern England, and for the locals, their homes and lives were indelibly touched by the 'friendly invasion'.

The novel is actually the result of very considerable research. When I set off on its journey I had great support from author, John Fowles, and then Jo Draper at Lyme Regis Museum, and the D-Day Museum in Southsea and latterly Teignmouth Museum. Along the way I interviewed dozens of locals and a few American GIs, and amassed literally hundreds of books on the period.

I have also shared the book with a number of fellow writers before publication. You can see some of their comments on the back cover. A couple of other comments are offered below:

I really enjoyed the clever blend of fact and fiction to create an informative yet entertaining tale. The sub-division of sections works well to make the story into mini-episodes and the dialogue adds a realistic dimension. Overall, I think it's a cracking story. Phil Bayliss

I've enjoyed reading your story and hope that a lot more people will do the same. Ric Rogers

The Friendly Invasion - as the US GIs trained for D-Day

Alan Dearling

176 pps paperback

Published 1st September 2011

£5.99 plus £1.50 p&p

Also available as a Kindle eBook priced £2.86 from Amazon

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