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Parents and kids – playing and sharing together!

Amazing activities and great games for creative parents and carers

Most people want to be good parents. This book can help them overcome the ‘deprivation’ that Sue Palmer describes in the new preface to Toxic Childhood (2007 edition) as:

“…children’s conceptual understanding – that is, their common-sense appreciation of the world and how it works has declined significantly… sedentary screen-based entertainment at home…means children are seriously deprived of the first-hand experience necessary for real understanding.”

TV programmes like Super Nanny, and campaigns such as the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Good Childhood Inquiry and the Sue Palmer’s/Daily Telegraph 2008: Hold on to Childhood campaign have all highlighted the need for parents to re-engage with their kids. Bob Reitemeier, the chief executive of The Children's Society, said: "We believe that there is a climate of fear and confusion surrounding childhood. Despite our wealth as a nation, the well-being of children in the UK is amongst the lowest in Europe. Too many children in the UK are experiencing poor childhoods."

This new book, compiled by leading writers from the worlds of education, social work and youth work:

  • Is just like a recipe book – full of practical, hands-on ideas for re-connecting with the kids in your life!
  • It provides a collection of hundreds of ideas for engaging with young people through play and creative learning activities.
  • Through providing information on planning, preparation, levels of difficulty – parents have the means to share in new games, activities and challenges with children and young people.
  • It will help put some fun into their lives AND yours!


Primary market: parents and carers of children and young people aged 8-16.

Secondary markets: other adults working with children and young people in schools, youth work and social work settings.

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