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A very Turkish experience

In the UK I’m a full time writer, researcher and editor and work from home in Devon. Whenever I’m away from base I suppose I’m always still ‘working’ or at least keeping eyes and ears open for potential material to write about.Turkish beach

These notes and photos were compiled during a two week visit to the Anatolian region of Turkey in April 2006. To be precise I used the internet to book flights, transfers and accommodation in a pension on the edge of the village of Patara on the Mediterranean coast (real name Gelemis, nearest airport, Dalaman, just over an hour and a half distant).


Shadow on shorelineI’ve left my jottings pretty much as I wrote them in diary format – they reflect my emotions and thoughts just as much as they retell the tales of some of the people I met and places I visited. In particular, I wanted to capture something of the underlying issues, attitudes and at times strong reactions of the Turkish (and Kurdish) people I spent time amongst. And, as you’ll find out from the entries, I ended up getting involved in some rather untypical vacation activities!

It was a strange trip insofar as I was visiting Patara out of season. I hadn’t realised just how ‘out of season’ until I actually arrived.

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It’s divided into four separate pdf files which include six diary entries:

PDFTurkey - 1 (pdf 953 KB)

PDFTurkey - 2 (pdf 883 KB)

PDFTurkey - 3 (pdf 437 KB)

PDFTurkey - 4 (pdf 672 KB)

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